The Tracer pre-assemble-assemble is an automatic hydraulic machine with independent total plotters for intelligent assembly up to the plant.
It is equipped with the following characteristics:

  • Programmable multilingual color touch screen (150 programs available).
  • Moving head with programmable positions.
  • Automatic recognition of shoe size.
  • Triple rise programmable column with independent positions and speeds.
  • Programmable tracker stroke and speed.
  • Programmable opening sequence.
  • Rear shoe lock with automatic adjustment.
  • Upper shoe press with programmable pressures.
  • Pliers bow with programmable shape.
  • 9 independent grippers.
  • Automatic adjustment of the gripper arc at the tip and at the top.
  • Ultra quick change drill pliers.
  • Automatic and manual draws.
  • Single clamp opening.
  • Automatic shelving and upper centering.
  • Teflon locking with differentiated adjustable pressures.

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