Sale of new and used machines

Montech resells national and international brands of machinery for the processing of footwear and leather goods as well as offering a guaranteed used and reconditioned for those who do not want to give up productivity.


Assistance and repairs

Machinery Services Assistance

In addition to the necessary after-sales service, i.e.: installation, programming and adjustment according to the different processes, Montech carries out repairs and technical support with specialized personnel both on site and at the customer’s premises. In addition, complete overhauls are carried out on important machines by applying where required electronic controls of Plc functions, Inverter…..etc.

Machinery reconditioning

Montech reconditions and overhauls all types of machinery, making it usable again at a cost-effective price.

Montech Machinery for Footwear

Turnkey service

Montech supplies both in Italy and abroad complete plants for cutting, splicing and assembling shoe uppers of any kind, including trolley cranes, compressors, suction and lighting systems.

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