Montech has a large quantity of spare parts for different brands: Ormac, Cerim, Molina & Bianchi, Atom, Matic, Colli FGB, Stema, Pfaff and many others.
Moreover, it has a wide range of accessories for footwear such as: yarn, glue or adhesive webbing but also tools such as brushes, sewing needles, hammers, brushes, nails, shearing straps, abrasive tapes, upper marking pens.
The warehouse is a strong point of the activity, thanks to it are satisfied the requests of customers, even the most demanding. Thanks to the team of professional technicians, the material is supplied directly to the location of your choice.


Montech Sewing Threads

The yarns available are characterized by their size.
The semi-cerrated PENNY yarn ranges from a size of 10, with a greater thickness but a shorter spool length, to 20-30-40 and 60. As you approach 60, the thickness of the yarn will be thinner and thinner while the length of the spool will increase.
Then we find COMBI and SLAM, waxed braids, which differ in thickness in millimeters.
In order to give the customer a great choice, in the warehouse you can find a multitude of colors, ranging from classic to more particular and extravagant colors.

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