Montech Azienda

Montech s.r.l. is a company with twenty years of experience in selling and servicing machinery and equipment for shoe factories for the Italian and foreign markets.

Offering machineries suitable to the customers’ needs is the main mission and thanks to a team of designers and automation engineers in the last years, high quality machineries specific for particular workings have been realized.

Company Machinery Fleet

1600m2 of used machinery, to be overhauled for those who, at low costs, do not want to renounce to the good quality of footwear machinery.

Montech offers a fast after-sales service and is able to design and install new generation production systems according to the different processes, as well as providing repair and technical support with specialized personnel both in the factory and at the customer’s premises, in Italy and abroad.

Upon request, most of the obsolete machinery can be transformed into CE compliant machinery by adding PLC, protection barriers, inverters and much more.

Both in Italy and abroad Montech supplies plants for cutting, splicing and assembling shoe uppers of all kinds, including hand cranes with push and/or automatic trolleys, pneumatic plants complete with pipes, compressors, tanks and dryers, suction and lighting systems.

Upon free booking, it is possible to visit the premises to try one or more machines, but not only, also for a consultation on what equipment should be used for the various items to be put into production.

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We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

Montech is committed to making a difference through collaboration with a benefit company in order to improve and facilitate the mobility of older and disadvantaged people in the community, guaranteeing them access to essential services such as medical visits, purchase of groceries, etc. .
We are proud to have contributed by putting our branding on their van.
This sponsor not only helps us raise awareness of our service, but also helps promote this social cause.

Today, the means of transport has been given on free loan to the municipality of Montichiari.
We trust that our business and commitment can be an inspiration to other companies and individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of others.